I'm so excited that you're here, browsing and getting to know me and my photography.  I'm sure you have questions! 


I prefer that we meet first to talk and plan your session.  We will talk about your desires and how you want to look in your portraits, what clothes work best for you and your family, and locations.  If you have small children or pets (especially!), it really helps to meet them ahead of time.  The more comfortable they are - the better the outcome will be!  Your consultation is included in the session fee.

The Session

​I am able to photograph you in and around your home, at an outdoor location, or in my studio.  We will decide what will work best for the look we're going for.  Pets often do best where there are less distractions, and cats in particular do best in their own home.  We will plan around the best times for the children and also it is crucial to work at the best time of day for outdoor lighting.  I will work hard to get just the look that we have discussed and I can be very flexible on dates and times for your session and locations.  Your session fee is due at the time of the session. 

The Big Reveal

​I know you will be as excited as I am to see your images!  Usually within a week the images are ready for you to view.  You will come to my office to view them on a large screen in a show, and then we begin the work to plan your portrait order.  You can expect to be notified for pick up in approximately 3 weeks after your order is placed. 

Products & Pricing  

​I've really listened to my client's desires in portraits, so I have developed a portrait pricing guide that includes many options such as ala carte pricing and packages as well.  I offer many unique products like collages and jewelry!  There are fun and exciting items continuously being added to the line up!  It's important to have an idea of what it is you're looking for as an end result before we start photographing, so that I am able to tailor your images to the finished product.  There is a session fee and then you are able to order as you wish. There is no minimum order required.   I feel that you would not be coming to Memory Makers Photography if you didn't desire high quality portraiture, and with our planning and working together I just know that you'll have a wonderful finished product that you're proud to display and give to others.  I will be happy to share the appropriate pricing guide with you when we meet for our consultation.  As there are so many options, I will simply state that session fees run from $85 to $125, and packages start typically at around $150.  !  

The Details